Teach you how to distinguish the true of wrist watch

- Sep 21, 2017-

As we all know,wrist watches is become a luxury goods with the development of science and technology.

So how to identify the authenticity of luxury watches is the most important things.

>1.Look at the movement, the movement model and movement logo is clearly,if the watches with transparent case, you can identify the authenticity of one. Second, we must carefully observe the movement of the words, the movement of the word engraving a clear and beautiful, false table is rough, no beauty. Finally,learn more about the function of the movement, such as the way winding(self-winding or automatic?).

>2.Look at the factory label at caseback, usually the name tag will have a brand logo, like DAVOSA, Hebrin, etc., and the number of watch models. Some watch the bottom of the label will have laser laser security.

>3.Look at the glass ,if it is made of sapphire crystal glass, the easiest way to distinguish is to tap the glass surface with your fingers, the real sapphire crystal will be issued a crisp sound.

>4.Look at the watch belt, using a high-quality crocodile skin, hand-sewn, regardless of material technology are superior.

>5.Look at the table box and certificate table box work also reflects the value of watches, senior watch box box is very elegant, the certificate will be printed on the watch model and unique production serial number, we call it "birth paper" , And some certificates will have pinhole drilling technology to watch the number hit the certificate, to prevent counterfeiting.