Students also wear watches? Student watch customization manufacturers have something to say!

- Mar 20, 2019-

There is a passage in Thousand and Thousand Searches: "Life is a train. There will be many stops on the way. It's very difficult for someone to walk with you all the time. When you want to get off, you should be grateful, even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye."

Many parents wonder whether students should wear watches or not. Don't rush to a conclusion. Look down!

The new semester has come, I believe that the overwhelming exercise homework is in "thousands of trees and pears blossom". So the battle to save homework exercises every minute has begun. First, you need a student watch and a plan book. The sum of all the homework pages and the remaining days are allocated again, which can be precise to how many pages per hour, but pay attention to the combination of work and leisure! One relaxation is the way of literature and martial arts. Ask people to play and plan together. Of course, you have to make this yourself.

Secondly, it is urgent to improve procrastination. Today's business is finished today. In order to be a successful person with strong execution ability in the future, there is a saying: "Whose youth is not confused, what's wrong with forcing oneself to be a leader?"

Then there's - - students wearing watches avoid being thrown chalk by teachers. Because you are a student, taking out your mobile phone and looking at the time in class will probably make the teacher throw chalk at you, and how much self-esteem will be hit under the eyes of dozens of people in the class (especially the presence of the girl who has a crush on her........................ It's too expensive to just watch the time and see how long it takes to finish the class. There's a watch. I won't lose it.

Thirdly, it can inhibit cell phone dependence. Looking at a watch to learn about time is more convenient than looking at a mobile phone and virtually reduces cell phone dependence. (You said it's not easy to take out your mobile phone to see the time, brush down the circle of friends, micro-blog or something. Who doesn't feel itchy if you leave it?)

Finally, in addition to confusion and capriciousness, there is also a paradigm in youth. With a face like Xiaobian or Wu Yifan's, wearing a fashionable student watch that suits him is even more beautiful. He immediately becomes a popular figure on campus, and the way he goes inevitably causes a lot of surprise among his students and sisters. If by the way, you happen to be a scholar-tyrant, which is the idol of the whole school directly!