Stainless steel strip watch maintenance

- Apr 10, 2018-

1.What about the scratch? In the bright light show moving god color, level off is smooth with smelting many favorite of fans of the table, but is also because of this proud character, as long as a little scratches appeared on the strap, the watch is overshadowed by many. What about the scratch? You can go to watch shop to buy "K clean table cloth of gold" (or "magic cloth to wipe, if not deep scratches can remove, or wait until maintenance regularly by the maintenance of the master again clean, but if injured heavier then have to be in the teacher's hands.


2. The table is worn for a long time, and the sludge that accumulates at the joints of the watch joints or is mixed with perspiration and dirt will make a bad smell. When this situation is encountered, you can use a soft bristle tooth brush with some toothpaste or cleaner to gently brush the strap and seam, then rinse with clean water, and then use the hair dryer to dry the strap after wiping with flannelette. In addition, the K gold watch will become discolored due to oxidation. Besides handing over to the master, it can also be wiped with dental powder. The effect will be satisfactory. In terms of jewelry table, in addition to the usual consumers should pay attention to whether there is loose diamond signs, you can also use a toothbrush with salad clean diamond smudgy parts, and is also a good way in an jewelry potion.

A. In the process of cleaning, no matter how careful, there will still be some water seepage. If the surface water is not worth the loss due to the cleaning of the strap, it will be arranged by the master.

B. If the metal strap is wet (water, sweat, etc.), it is easy to rust without treatment. Metal rust or dirt is easy to seep through the seams to get dirty clothes, even cause skin allergy, so after the removal of the table or clear water wash, please remember to use cloth to dry the seams and put on. In addition, the water table "ashore" will be washed with clean water, and the use of chemical agents can be harmful.

C.K gold material refining with because the material is qualitative soft, hit or inappropriate touched easily cause scratch, in addition, the transportation exhaust in the life, such as swimming pool chlorine or body sweat will let K gold color. Keep the strap dry while carefully placing it, while the high-hardness titanium or high-tech ceramics watch must also be careful to avoid hitting or falling, after all, hard doesn't mean indestructible.