Sports electronic watches are well received by fans at home and abroad

- Apr 25, 2019-

Electronic watches are watches equipped with electronic components. They are generally divided into two types: liquid crystal display digital and quartz pointer. It can show not only the time, but also the week and the date. Timing is accurate, the price is cheap, loved by consumers.

One of the earliest electronic watches, known as the "pendulum yarn electronic watches", was born in 1955. Nowadays electronic watches can be divided into digital quartz electronic watches, pointer quartz electronic watches, automatic quartz watches and photodynamic watches.

Electronic watches: watches with electronic circuits. According to the different vibration system or oscillator used, it can be divided into pendulum wheel electronic watch, tuning fork watch and quartz watch. It's also called an electronic watch. When the temperature of electronic watches is 25-28 C, the time error of one day and night is less than one second. When the temperature is below 0 C or above 50 C, it will slow down by two seconds every day and night. At the same time, when the temperature is as high as 60 C, the LCD board will turn black. When the temperature drops below 0 C, the LCD board will lose its display function. Therefore, in winter, the electronic watch can only be worn on the wrist, depending on the constant temperature of the human body to maintain its normal timing.

Electronic watches originated in Switzerland. In 1955, Switzerland developed the first electronic watches, which were called the first generation electronic watches, by virtue of its mature experience and exquisite technology in the production of pendulum yarn. In 1960, the tuning fork electronic watch was developed in the United States. It is simpler and more accurate than the former. It is called the second generation electronic meter. In 1969, Japan developed a quartz electronic watch.

It is more accurate than the former and is called the third generation electronic watch. The electronic watches above all retain the traditional dial surface of pointer watches. In the 1970s, Switzerland, Japan and other countries developed a quartz electronic watch with liquid crystal display (direct digital display on the dial). It is a fully electronic watch without any moving elements. Its internal structure uses integrated circuits, and its travel time is more accurate. It is called the fourth generation electronic watch. At present, some countries are developing wave meters, the fifth generation electronic watches.

Motion spreadsheet mainly describes:

(1) EL backlight;

(2) Digital display of hours, minutes, seconds, months and days;

(3) Product material: plastic watchcase, plastic watchband;

(4) Machine core: imported or domestic machine core;

(5) alarm function, alarm ring at the whole time;

(6) Automatic calendar function;

(7) Waterproof structure;

(8) Stopwatch function: 1/100 seconds;

(9) 12/24 time system, dual mode time display;

(10) Product color and LOGO can be made according to customer's requirements.