Some knowledge about electronic watches

- Sep 21, 2017-

       Electronic watch at a temperature of 25℃ - 28 ℃, a day and night time error within one second, when the temperature below 0 ℃ or 50 ℃ or more, each day and night will be slow for two seconds. At the same time when the temperature up to 60 ℃, the LCD panel will turn black, the temperature dropped below 0 ℃, the LCD panel will lose the display, so to the winter, the electronic watch can only be worn on the wrist, * body temperature to keep it The normal timing. In addition, high temperature and low temperature will cause the battery leakage, corrosion movement.

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        Electronic watch battery is generally available for more than a year, but the lamp power consumption, open a second power consumption is equivalent to more than one hour. When the battery is finished, the lights will dim, or the digital display will darken or disappear when turned on. Replace the battery, if you do not know the repair table technology, should be installed shop repair shop. And the battery specifications are not standardized, a lot of brands of batteries, can not be used arbitrarily.

        Electronic watch to note: press the button can not be too much force, so as to avoid failure; LCD board use five to seven years need to replace the new; battery no electricity to be removed in time to avoid flow corrosion movement. Found that the light does not shine, the button failure, timing suddenly have a greater error when the repair in time, may be poor contact with the component solder joints or off.

        Electronic watches, especially digital electronic watches, waterproof performance is generally poor. Although some in the instructions or the back cover printed with "waterproof" words, but also try to avoid contact with water.

        Electronic watch structure and mechanical watches are different, are electronic circuits and electronic components, if into the water, it will be "catastrophic", so that the entire watch scrapped. Especially the LCD panels and integrated lines, not only fear of water, that is, by the tide, over time will be a failure. Therefore, wash your face, the best time to pick off the table. Rain to prevent splashing rain. If you find the electronic watch into the water, or watch the inner wall of the possession of water vapor, should immediately repair the shop shop in addition to water, row tide treatment.