Solution to fading of rose gold watch

- Apr 11, 2019-

What are the ingredients of the rose gold watch?

The gold plating layer on rose gold watches is mostly 14K gold, which contains 58.5% pure gold and a certain amount of silver. When silver reacts with some volatile industrial exhaust gases in the air, a black silver sulfide film will be formed on the surface, thus losing the golden gloss of gold-plated watches. Therefore, wearing rose gold watches should avoid contact with chemical substances and exhaust gases, such as gas, liquefied gas and sulfur soap, and keep rose gold watches dry and clean. It's better to wipe it once a week with a velvet cloth. In addition, chloride in sweat is very corrosive to Rose Gold Watch. When Rose Gold Watch is stained with sweat, it should be cleaned in time to avoid sweat erosion and loss of original gloss.

Before wearing the rose gold watch, wipe the watch case with clean soft cloth, and evenly apply a layer of colorless nail polish. After drying, wear it again, then apply it 1 times every 1~2 months. After such treatment, not only can the rose gold watch keep its color and lustre, not be worn, but also can increase its external brightness, at the same time in the hot summer can prevent sweat and moisture intrusion into the table.

How to solve the fading of rose gold watch?

1. Cleaning chemicals can change the color of gold, so gold jewelry should be removed before cleaning.

2, avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel and other high volatile substances, otherwise it will easily lead to fading of gold ornaments.

3. When swimming, gold ornaments should be removed in order to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering sea water or pool water.

4. When keeping it, wrap it in flannel cloth and put it in jewelry box to avoid friction damage.

5. Gold is soft and easy to deform, so don't pull necklaces and other accessories to avoid deformation.

6. Pure gold watch will produce chemical reaction when it meets mercury, and white spots will appear. When it is cleaned, it can restore its original color by barbecuing under an alcohol lamp for a while.

7. Gold ornaments often lose luster because of stains and dust. At this time, just soak the gold watch in neutral detergent and clean it in warm water, then remove it and wipe it dry.

8, protect the gloss of rose gold watch, and apply a thin layer of nail polish on it.

9. If there is a black silver film on the surface of the watch, you can use 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of baking soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder and 60 milliliters of water to prepare a "gold cleaner". Place the gold jewelry in a bowl, pour the cleaner into it. After 2 hours, remove the gold jewelry, rinse it with clean water (preferably not hard water), dry it in wood chips, and then wipe it with soft cloth.

10. Where the stone is set, roll a piece of cotton with an ice stick or matchstick, wet it with a mixture of dew and glycerin, scrub the frame of the gemstone, and then polish the ring with a velvet cloth. Do not scrape with sharp objects such as blades.

11. Salt and vinegar are mixed to form a detergent, which can be used to wipe pure gold jewelry and make it lasting and fresh.

12. Toothpaste wiping or hot rice soup scrubbing can also restore luster.