Six key elements of traditional watch making process

- Nov 06, 2017-

Six key elements of traditional watch making process

All from the Lange watch collectors around the world pursued incomparable exquisite watchmaking technology and high level and perfect handicraft, history and legend brand are indispensable Langer winning weapon.

Each one is equipped with special Lange watch movement, in the small space in the nearly thousand parts, and almost all of the core parts in the factory made is completed, tools and accessories required even decoration process is in its own manufacturing plant. Plate, bridge plate, gear lever, hairspring, etc., all parts are by watchmakers crafted by hand, and then to create works of art like polishing process -- even if it is hidden in the movement of parts. But each one is hand carved to balance bridge. All movements are after the two assembly, the first time in five after assembly adjustment range test, and then re opened again, clean each parts, then the blue steel screws really finished second and assembled in the factory after several weeks of testing precision.

1,3/4 plywood 3/4 splint was created by Ferdinando Adolf Lange in 1864, and has become the feature of the special tabulation process.


2. Germany silver,  German silver not real silver, it is an alloy, but its composition, including copper, zinc and nickel, than generally used for plywood and plate solid brass.


3.Blue steel screws gold sleeve screws gold sleeve is one of the important factors of the movement of Lange is beautiful. The combination of gold sleeve, ruby bearing and blue steel screws, in contrast with the splint Qiaoban lasu circular background, eye-catching


4.In the process of blue treatment, the screws must be carefully heated to 300 degrees C, and the metal surface of the screw will produce a thin layer of chrysanthemum blue sparkling magnetite.


5.Hand carved balance plate Lange watch balance plate still by hand carefully carved out attractive pattern.


6.Gooseneck gooseneck trimmer trimmer Lange watch is used to adjust the speed, so as to achieve high precision.