Silicone material of watches

- Oct 19, 2017-

In some ways, silicon is indeed a very good movement of the key parts of the material, it is very good temperature resistance (but limited by the reasons for lubricating oil, other parts, the watch is still in high temperature or low temperature environment prone to greater error ), Anti-magnetic, siliceous parts contact location without lubrication, light texture, can improve energy efficiency, these features are difficult to achieve the previous metal materials, and in daily life is particularly important. But we also recognize its shortcomings, fragile fragile, difficult to repair later, once the damage can only replace the entire parts, it is these reasons, led us to worry about it.


Silicon gossamer was first started by the Athens table project, is considered a revolutionary significance of the initiative, because before that, the ideal choice for hairspring, only Nivarox company's products, unless their own R & D and manufacturing. And silicon gossamer is the only kind of non-metallic hairspring, which in addition to a shortcoming, in most respects are better than metal hairspring, so the application of silicon wire in Athens table, more and more brands began to use silicon gossamer, and Only in the high-end table in the passage, Patek Philippe even in 2012 for the first time debut of their own silicon escapement trilogy, will be gradually completed before the "silicon gossamer, silicon escapement fork, silicon escapement wheel" system of siliceous structure Together. Today, we can even have 8,000 yuan in the Tissot and the United States watch to see the silicon gossamer, this spread from top to bottom, has formed a large-scale trend