Shockproof, anti-magnetic properties Introduction

- Oct 09, 2017-

1) generally watches have a certain degree of shock function, in the external impact of the watch under the internal shock function can play a role. Such as the occurrence of quartz watch battery and positive and negative off, mechanical watch wheel disc dislocation, causing the watch to stop, give you a certain illusion that the watch broke, in fact, as long as the authorized service station to re-install in place.

2) anti-magnetic watch, not all parts of the table are magnetic, only the main parts, such as balance wheel, hairspring, winding and other materials made of anti-magnetic materials.

3) Although some watches have anti-shock, anti-magnetic function, but it can only play a preventive role, it should avoid violent collision or place the watch placed in the magnetic field of electrical or magnetic objects next to, such as television, audio, Mobile phones, induction cooker, electric mahjong table, with a magnetic package, etc., the above reasons will cause the watch to stop or inaccurate