Shenzhen Watch Factory refuses to accept imitation watches and only makes authentic watches

- May 15, 2019-

Shenzhen Koda Horologe , a watch manufacturer in Shenzhen, is a watch manufacturer specializing in supplying middle and high-end watches to customers. It is also a supplier behind many watches brands.

Many friends have asked us whether we can make imitation watches, We clearly told you that KODA does not make imitation watches, only make authentic watches, no brand authorized watches, KODA will not produce.

Individuals have their own bottom line, enterprises have their own bottom line. Tianze's Shenzhen watchmaker's bottom line is not to produce counterfeit watches, but to make authentic watches. Because we insist on the bottom line, we have won the recognition of many well-known watches brands, such as Disney, Rococo, Senma and so on. Tianze refuses to produce imitation watches and only makes authentic watches with quality requirements.