Several misunderstandings about the watch

- May 10, 2019-

Many people simply think that watches are not just worn. Is it really that simple? In fact, this is not really the case. Many people have some misunderstandings about the watch. Please ask the watch factory to introduce relevant misunderstandings. Users can also check it out to see if they also have these understandings. Misunderstanding.

Some people think that some mineral glass will make the water droplets condense, and some crystals on the sapphire crystal will be dispersed, so that the water droplets will be used to detect whether the crystal is sapphire crystal. In fact, this method is not very scientific. The crystals produced by regular manufacturers have a detailed introduction to the use of materials. The way of water droplets cannot be detected. Then there is that the quartz watch will not be waterproof after replacing the battery, and the walking is not very accurate. The watch factory reminds everyone that this is not correct. After replacing the battery with the quartz watch, under the operation of the professional, it will also carry out the work of retesting and setting the waterproofing. After confirming that there is no problem in all aspects, It is ideal for waterproofing, which is also to remind the majority of users, must go to the formal and professional battery replacement repair point to do this work, to ensure that the waterproof effect is not affected.

When many people are skeptical about the durability of their watches, some will require some destructive demonstration operations, such as rubbing the ground, drawing glass, etc., although some modern materials have better wear resistance. But it may be easier to be broken, so you must pay special attention. The watch factory also reminds the users that they don't feel that their watches are waterproof, so they can go swimming, go to the sauna, etc. These bad environments may damage the movement.