Several Common Causes of Wrist Watch Travel Errors

- Apr 10, 2019-

Wristwatch travel time error suddenly increases, but also the wristwatch wearer often encounters the problem, encounter this problem do not panic, there are several simple reasons for identification and treatment methods.

The electricity is insufficient. If quartz watches suddenly find that the slowdown is probably caused by insufficient battery energy, you can send the watches to the maintenance point to check the power.

Power storage is inadequate. You need to check whether the power is sufficient. If the watch is self-chained, it may cause insufficient power storage if the amount of movement is small. It can be supplemented by manual chaining. Then you can observe whether there is a continuous phenomenon of speed.

The watch is magnetized. There is a part called hairspring in the watch. The most frightening thing is the magnetic field. When the watch is near the magnet, the hairspring will be magnetized. After the hairspring is magnetized, the hairspring will adhere to each other. The accuracy of the image watch will be limited, while the heaviness will stop. After the wristwatches are magnetized, the wristwatches can be restored to normal only if the wristwatches are demagnetized by a degaussing instrument.

It needs to be maintained. Shortage of oil in the engine core or wear and aging of internal parts may cause travel time problems, which need to be sent to designated maintenance points for maintenance services.

Having been hit or hit. Watches are very precise. If they are hit or smashed, they may cause internal parts to loosen and damage. They may also cause travel time problems. In addition to the above common situations, the influence of some environmental temperature and wearer's use habits may lead to an increase in travel time errors. But you don't need to worry about it. Please send it to the designated maintenance point and ask the professional to check and adjust it. It can restore the watch to the normal error range.