Seven Steps to Change Batteries for Watches

- May 20, 2019-

Step 1: Clean the watch. Although the size of the watch is very small and the internal structure is very complex and precise, a little dust or clothing fibers will affect the travel time of the watch. So before changing batteries, the bottom cover of the watch should be cleaned as if it were a surgical operation. The bottom cover should be opened and the gap between the bottom cover should be vacuum cleaned at the same time.

Step 2: Open the bottom cover of the watch. Professional tools should be used and brand-specific tools should be used for special brands. Avoid the deformation of the bottom cover affecting the sealing of the watch. Most of the back covers of watches are spiral covers. How to open the back covers of watches can only be opened with a meter opener or a key opener. When the meter opener is used, the back cover can be screwed slightly in the direction of tightening and then in the direction of loosening. If it is found that the back cover is very tight, you can use oil droplets around the back cover, and in a few minutes you can open the back cover of your watch. For the pressing type of the back cover of the watch, how to open the thumb pressing position of both hands when pressing the back cover of the watch should be appropriate, and the force should be uniform.

Step 3: Measure the battery voltage under replacement. (Many watches can't go well after replacing batteries because the battery power is normal before, and watches can still fail after replacing batteries. ) If the watch has been in place for a period of time, even if the measuring battery has been exhausted, the machine core should be tested.

Step 4: Replace the prototype batteries. Batteries of original brand or origin should be selected as far as possible. Replacement of batteries should also wear finger covers to avoid sweat contamination of the machine center, sweat will corrode the machine center can never be removed.

Step 5: Check waterproof fittings. Watch waterproof fittings are generally rubber or plastic materials will have aging period, waterproof fittings lose waterproof performance after aging. If the waterproof fittings are aging, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the watch will enter water or water gas, which will cause the core to oxidize and rust and cause irreparable failure. (Waterproof accessories need to be inspected annually according to the instructions for use of watches)

Step 6: Testing waterproof. In order to ensure the stability of the machine core, the first thing is to ensure the protection of the case to the machine core, the most important of which is the waterproof performance.

Step 7: Issuing an insurance policy. Because of the different state of the machine core, it is not guaranteed that any machine core can achieve the longest battery life after replacing the battery. At the same time, customers are advised to maintain the watches with poor state of the machine core to restore the best working state.