second hand won't go, watch isn't broken! Because it's called a chronometer.

- Apr 02, 2019-

They usually have one feature, that is, there are two buttons in the crown. Press the button above and the big second hand starts to move. This is the time. It's a use to talk to the primary school PE teacher about the watch that gives you running time.

1. What can a chronometer do?

Timetables are not meant to simply look at time. They can be used to do many things. When you cook, run, meet, or even take-out, you can maximize your sense of time, and no delay can be tolerated. Just press the timer button and your timer will play a huge role immediately.

In addition, you can also use a chronometer to test whether someone speaks truthfully or not. For example: when the waiter says that the food will be served immediately, you start to time it to see if there is a play in ten minutes; when you wait for the bus, see how many buses can come in ten minutes; when your girlfriend says that you can go out in two minutes, the time can... Forget it. It's better not to look at the watch at this time.

One experiment I don't know if you've tried it or not is to test the length of a minute intuitively. In fact, time in life is unconsciously passed, such as the white foal across the gap. With a chronometer, we can better understand the minute-by-minute changes - waiting for the traffic lights, watching TV advertisements, and even in a daze, children's shoes, you are wasting your life oh! _________

2. Can I use my IQ?

The chronometer usually has 2-3 small dials. The large second hand of the timer is usually immobile, and it only moves when the timer button is pressed. In a small dial, there is usually a second dial, a 30-minute dial and an hour dial. If it's a Japanese timer, it usually has a 12/24-hour display disk.

The use of the chronometer is very simple. Press the chronometer button, the big second hand in the center starts to move, then press the chronometer button, and the big second hand stops. At this point, you can see how long it took.

3. Point button, press the big second hand to zero, easy to start the next time. This operation sequence must not be wrong, if the big second hand is still running when pressing the return button, it is easy to cause damage to the machine core.

After understanding the basic principles of chronometer, it is important to understand that the dials are clear and readable because they are too small. It's also a very embarrassing thing that you can't see how long it will take after the time is over. The design of the timeplate tests the level of the meter factory. It's difficult to be beautiful and clear.

If you want to see the timer in the dark (I won't ask you what you are doing), you need a design with night light on the timer, which is not easy to find.

4. What's the mandrel like?

Like ordinary mechanical watches, chronometer's core includes self-made core, third-party brand and self-refitted third-party core. Some users may not care about this, but for professional players, it's more important than the watch brand.

Langer L951.6 Homemade Timer Core

The self-made machine core can reflect the achievement of brand tabulation. In the design and polishing of spare parts, the watchmaker has definitely made great efforts. As a result, most of the homemade timepieces are very exquisite. After more fine adjustment, they feel better when they are used. And the self-made machine core reflects the characteristics of the brand very fully, so it is welcomed by some brand loyalty fans.

Chiba 3800 Manual Upper Chain Pillar Wheel Timer Core

The disadvantage is that the price is not expensive, after-sales and warranty are troublesome. Once problems arise, they often need to go overseas to return to the factory. That loss is not only cost, but also a month or two of time, which makes people bite their teeth and stamp their feet.

ETA 7750 core

Third-party machine cores occupy a larger share of the market, most of them have been tested for a long time, and they are guaranteed in quality and performance. The third party has relatively high-end and expensive machine core, which can meet different needs. After-sales and warranty are not troublesome, and the cost won't hurt you too much. Their disadvantage is that they are all processed by machines, without manual processes, and the parts are scribbled and hardly polished. So it looks not so good, and there is no place to be envied too much.

5. It doesn't seem like a big deal...

Sometimes timing requires some accuracy, such as 0.1 seconds. The accuracy that a mechanical timer can achieve is related to the frequency of the watch - the higher the frequency of the watch, the higher the accuracy of the timer. How do you see the frequency of watches? Watch pendulum.

This action keeps the second hand of the watch moving. For example, the frequency of your mechanical meter is usually 28,800 vph, so the pendulum wheel will swing eight times per second. This chronometer can measure one eighth of a second. Old-fashioned mechanical watches, such as watches that swing 18,000 times an hour, can measure a fifth of a second.

But in fact, due to the limitation of gear specifications of timing components, the accuracy of the 28,800 VPH timer can only be measured in one fifth of a second.

Many watchmakers are also trying to design more reliable and durable chronometer. For example, Carrera Mikrotourbillons, a twin-barrel box designed by Tigerhauer, and a twin-drive-wheel chronometer (see figure above), one for daily travel and the other for timing. Ordinary traveling time requires stable and continuous performance, and the frequency of vibration is only 28,800 times. Timing is equipped with ultra-high frequency vibrating gyroscopic flywheel (the fastest in the world), the frequency is 360,000 times per hour, can measure the accuracy of one hundredth of a second