Research on the Battery of Watch

- Oct 10, 2017-

At present, the domestic watch companies use the Japanese movement more and more, the Japanese movement are equipped with Japanese original watch battery. To Citizen 2035 movement, for example, the new battery with JAPAN maxell SR626SW. Among them, JAPAN said that Japan production, maxell said battery brand, and SR626SW said battery model. Japanese battery models, each English letter and Arabic numerals have a specific meaning.

1.Anode material S silver oxide 

 T silver peroxide 

 BR or CR lithium

 Oxidation of mercury

2.Shape like R

3.diameter 6mm

4.Thickness 2.6mm

5.The type of electrolyte--Sodium hydroxide (for weak current) No potassium hydroxide (for large batteries)

6.Use range: Watches