Price Composition of Customized Processing of Gift Watches and Memorial Watches

- Apr 19, 2019-

Customized logo gift watches are a very good choice in brand gifts, giving gifts to their employees, peers and customers. What are the general price components of gift and souvenir watches?

1. Printing and customization costs. In addition to the existing factory models have been proofed, the general drawings processing style needs new design drawings and plating, which includes the shell and surface, typically the plating fee can offset the payment when large shipments. When Baojue Technologies customizes gift watches, it can refund the board fee in full when it delivers large quantities of goods.

2. Customization cost of case, surface, needle and strap. These four kinds of hardware costs are the pain points of many small factories. Without their own production workshops, they all need to be outsourced or outsourced to specialized shell factories and literal factories. Therefore, the quantity of customization will be highly demanded, and because of the need for third-party processing, the customization cycle will certainly be longer, so the corresponding cost will increase. Therefore, this part still chooses to have its own spare parts production line, or outsourced spare parts manufacturers are direct suppliers. In this regard, Baojue Technology is a good choice, accessories suppliers are long-term cooperation, in quality control and production capacity have been grinded to maturity, can achieve one-stop production.

3. Core cost. The most customized gift watches with machine core are one of the most expensive accessories, which are generally divided into three price lines in domestic watches factories. They are made in China, made in Japan and made in Switzerland. Generally, the low-end will choose domestic or Japanese machine parts. Swiss machine parts are very expensive in customization, unless the brand itself has a high reputation, it is not recommended to choose. Domestic machine core technology is general, but the price is cheap. Many of the 100-yuan goods wholesaled by Taobao and other e-commerce companies are basically domestic machine core. Generally, the problems of domestic machine core are easy to break down and inaccurate travel time. Therefore, in the combination of price and quality, Japanese machine core is a good choice. Rossini, Feyada and other domestic first-line manufacturers, almost all of them choose Japanese machine core. Baojue Technologies is a representative manufacturer of Rossini and other well-known brands. It has the quality control of first-line manufacturers. The choice of machine core is Japanese original machine core, with high quality and affordable price.

4. Packing after-sales expenses. Watch packaging costs generally depend on the choice of material, PU and corrugated paper prices are more affordable, can do very simple fashion, is more popular in the market packaging. The packaging of leather and logs, high-end atmosphere, if the enterprise really want to show air on gift watches, in the input of packaging is not ambiguous. After all, packaging is very important as a gift. Baojue Technology in the packaging sector, can design independently for customers, basically only charges design fees, given the high-end customized style of manufacturing enterprises.