Precautions of OMEGA mechanical watch

- Jul 10, 2018-

Points for attention in OMEGA manual mechanical watch: 

One, do not turn on the OMEGA watch back cover automatically.  
Two, strap length adjustment, adjust the movable pin position slightly, adjust the strap shaft.  
Three, when using OMEGA watches, try not to touch water, steam, high temperature and corrosive gases, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the movement and appearance. At the same time, we should avoid strong vibration and keep away from strong magnetic environment. 
Four, every 24 hours with a full clockwork, to ensure that enough time to travel the required power. When clockwork, watch the 12 points upward and rotate the watch in clockwise direction. Note that after the full winding, do not force the table handle again, so as not to break the upper shaft or winding. 

Five, quick adjustment calendar needs to be pulled out of the table, the time point is aimed at 12 points against clockwise 3 to 4 hours, then the clockwise direction back to 12 points, the calendar is quickly adjusted for a day. Pull out the table handle to rotate, so that the minute hand rotates two times in clockwise direction, and also makes the calendar hop one day.

Points for attention in the use of OMEGA automatic mechanical watches: 

One, please do not open the rear cover to prevent damage. 

Two, OMEGA watches will be pushed back to the end after adjustment. It
Three. OMEGA's automatic mechanical watch may be slow when the wearer moves relatively slowly. This is a normal phenomenon.

Four, OMEGA strap length adjustment: adjust the movable pin position slightly, and adjust the size of the OMEGA strap.