Precautions and Customization Process for Customizing High-end Watches

- Apr 17, 2019-

Many customers come to watch manufacturers to customize watches are relatively unfamiliar, they think it is easy, in fact, it is more difficult to implement. Alzheimer watches manufacturers are well aware of this point, from solving customers'questions before sales to designing, manufacturing and assembling watches in sales, and then to after-sales service, providing customers with all-round customized services, so that customers can easily customize their watches. What are the precautions and procedures for customizing high-end watches?

Notes for Customizing High-end Watches

As a high-end gift, watches are becoming more and more popular with high-end gifts from major enterprises. Three points should be paid attention to when customizing watches:

First, to customize high-end watches, we should choose the manufacturers who specialize in making high-end watches. We should not choose the manufacturers who make low-end watches for the sake of cheapness.

Second, customized high-end watches need to be clear about the material of the watch, can not be fooled, before shipment should also check the material of the watch, including the machine core, the contract says that Swiss machine core can not be replaced by domestic or Japanese machine core.

Third, customizing high-end watches is best able to customize your personality.

2. The Specific Process of Customizing High-end Watches

Watch manufacturers'customization process is generally: drawing sketches - confirming design drawings - proofing production - confirming template - mass production.