OEM watch, let the brand one step ahead of others!

- Apr 15, 2019-

The term "OEM" is not a new term in today's industry. From the acceptance and acceptance of OEM by more and more industries to its popularity today, the OEM industry has gone through the baptism of time, from cars to mobile phones, and even the food industry has come to join in the excitement, which can be said to be all-inclusive.

Now that it comes to withstanding the baptism of time, simply talk about the wristwatch agent.

Since 1868, the world's first watch was made by Patek Philippe for the Hungarian Countess Koscowicz. By the beginning of twentieth Century, under the Tucao of a pilot, the merchant of Cartire improved the way of wearing watches. Therefore, watches began to be accepted gradually all over the world, and famous brands of watches also came into being.

In fact, there are many well-known watches brand companies, which have their own design capabilities, but without the conditions for mass production (equipment, venues, workers, etc.), then they will look for manufacturers with production capacity to cooperate, including many well-known watches brands. Such cooperation, first of all, is a kind of approval to the watch factory. Well-known brands of watches cherish their own design schemes. Naturally, they will have an eye on the choice of manufacturing factories. This in itself is a comprehensive recognition of the comprehensive qualifications of OEMs.

Women's Representative. jpg

In line with the principle of high responsibility to customers, the factories affirmed by the brand are those with high qualifications which have been deposited in the industry for many years. Often these factories are also the wristwatch representative factories that many wristwatch brands are willing to cooperate with. This advantage lies in doing a good advertising campaign for their brand, so as to create a brand new watch brand, users choose more.

In such an era of demonstrating personality and popularity, watchmaker is essentially a process to make the brand more beautiful, and it is a win-win thing for design, production and users.