Notes for Watch Repair

- May 17, 2019-

Watches should not be opened by themselves. They need professional maintenance. It is normal for watches to be used for a certain period of time, fail or change electronics.

Shenzhen Watch Customization reminds you that some watches users are not encouraged to open their watches rashly because of the lack of professional tools. In the absence of any technical premise, it may cause secondary damage if the watch with complicated internal parts is disassembled rashly. It is not recommended to dismantle and repair the watch privately, which will only damage the watch again.

When disassembling watches, professional tools must be provided. It is not recommended to disassemble watches privately. In case of man-made damage, the manufacturer has the right to refuse to provide warranty service.

The internal parts of alloy watches are more complex. Even the professional and technical maintenance personnel, when disassembling, will disassemble orderly according to the serial number of the parts, and then record the serial number of the parts, and then make further maintenance to find damaged parts can be replaced. Due to the current reduction of professional repair technicians, alloy watches have faults, usually sent back to the manufacturer for warranty, so as to avoid accidents.

A watch is not big, but it consists of more than 100 small parts, each of which is closely linked, playing a unique role, forming the precise time jump of alloy watches. If you are not a professional, you can never disassemble the internal parts without permission. Assuming that it is not possible, it is recommended to go to the clock repair shop for repair, or contact the manufacturers for after-sale warranty.