New fashionable braided quartz watch

- Apr 25, 2019-

New fashionable braided watches with wristbands, comfortable to wear, abandon the complex design, let the dial release the atmosphere of simple aesthetic feeling, simple clock technology elements have been widely known, the round case is simple, solemn, elegant. Fashion, simplicity, gentleman, this is the British style, give him/her a satisfactory gift.

Characteristics and uses:

1. This product adopts computer laser trimming, sealing, punching and computer-based sewing.

2. Nylon watchband has the characteristics of quick drying, waterproof, easy cleaning, non-fading and durable.

3. Nylon watchband is cheaper and more versatile than metal watchband and leather watchband. Whether it is fitness, swimming, bathing, mountain climbing and water wading have outstanding performance, its cost-effective ratio is more prominent;

4. Use nylon ribbon with good density, select high-quality stainless just buckle, advanced laser machine technology to make the end of the watchband and the part with holes smooth and smooth, without scraping hands.

The main description of braided band watch is as follows:

1. Time display: time, minutes and seconds display

2. Shell: Metal Ring

3. Watch strap: nylon strap

4. Logo can be added on the surface according to the customer's request, and the form can be made into the color the customer needs.