Miyota movement introduced

- Oct 16, 2017-

Miyota--The name is "Miyota Precision Co., Ltd." (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd). Changed its name to Miyota Co., Ltd. in 1991 In 2005, through the equipment exchange, to become a subsidiary of Citizen watch, changed to the present name.

MIYOTA from the beginning of 2007, with more comprehensive technical strength, have launched 8N24 full hollow automatic movement, 8217,8245,8247 carved processing (multi-eye) automatic movement, 82S0, 82S5, 82S7 naked series (multi-eye ) Automatic movement, as well as 8N33, 6T33 full hollow hand on the chain movement, more than 10 new mechanical products launched in two years, more enriched MIYOTA mechanical movement of the kind, to meet the needs of more users of the style.

MIYOTA 2035 quartz watch movement "super strong", the reason why it is because it's huge production, the application of a wide range, the price is also ultra-cheap, if the batch to buy only about 6-7 yuan / only; in all low Quartz watches, gifts and fashion watches, it is estimated that almost half of the MIYOTA will use this kind of movement, it can be assembled into a female form, can also be assembled into male watch, for many years it has been a quartz watch Production and assembly industry in the "evergreen tree". On its basis, there are many kinds of deformation of the movement, but to increase the corresponding module or parts (such as calendar, calendar, etc.), but the movement number are close to meet the different types of functions and styles of watches need.


    Quartz watch a wide range of sports, more common brands and specifications at least there are hundreds, and even plastic pieces of a one-time, can not be demolished and repaired, the most typical is the PC21, in fact, this kind of movement than 2035 is not much cheaper, and 2035 or "known" all-metal version, except for the wheel and some of the liner is plastic parts. (See photo)


MIYOTA 2035 movement, the size is a "waist round" shaped (semi-circular semi-rectangular), that is, the so-called 6 x 8 (order), that is, 15.3 x 17.8 mm, movement thickness 3.15 mm, The initial early product also with a drill, and later changed to no drill.

     This circuit is also open to its technical indicators, including: travel time error of +/- 20 seconds / month; battery life of 3 years (using SR626SW mercury-free silver oxide battery); its IC circuit also has a logic FM, DFC, which is Digital Frequency Control, Power Saving Reset Mechanism, Over-Loading Compensation, and systems. The maximum torque on the pointer shaft is: minute point 0.4μN • m, second hand 0.07μN • m; movement letter is NO JEWELS MIYOTA CO. JAPAN.