Misunderstandings about watches

- Oct 11, 2017-

Misunderstandings about watches

1, wearing a folding table sauna, completely wrong behavior. Because no matter how deep the waterproof depth is, the sauna can not be used. Maybe there will be no problem in the appearance of time. In fact, the movement has been violated. Because of the appearance of the watch is composed by different expansion coefficient of the material, if worn folding table is greater than or equal to the ambient temperature of 50 degrees, the table will produce pressure difference, under the action of air pressure, the air inside the table will run out, when the temperature difference reduction, the outside air and rushed back to the table. The steam in the bathroom temperature higher than the standard table in the air will run out when the air humidity is higher than the standard, some table not immediately appear water vapor, but when encountered at low temperature in the table temperature is higher than the standard air condenses on the glass, forming droplets or mist and steam heat accelerated aging waterproof apron, unable to protect the core.

2, with the condensation of water droplets to confirm the mirror is sapphire crystal; this approach is unscientific. Because some mineral glass will make the water droplet condensation, and some water droplets on the sapphire crystal will spread out, but the wear degree is the same, table mirror what materials manufacturers will be described, do not use water to try.

3, quartz watches replaced batteries, it is no longer waterproof, and travel time is not accurate: this view is wrong. Professional maintenance station maintenance equipment is very perfect, in the battery for you, will use professional equipment by professional technicians to re pressure, re set waterproof, measuring travel error is in normal value. So please change the battery in the professional maintenance station.

4, with friction, ground, glass and other acts to confirm the table of anti-wear, but we do not recommend that customers use destructive behavior to test. In addition, high-tech ceramics, although high degree of abrasion, but fragile, afraid of throwing and violent impact.