Military Watch- China

- Nov 14, 2017-

Military Watch- China

The new China military first began in 60s, 1965 Shanghai military factory from Switzerland Rolex calendar developed a calendar / earthquake based on their existing military technology, to fill a technology gaps in China military history. It has been issued to senior head of the army Peda (Xiao Ke and general Li Desheng are allotted). This table was not due to military production, in order to meet the needs of society, the Shanghai watch factory together when the newly established Beijing military Rong company has small batch to be put on the market sales, which should be regarded as the earliest new China fielded military, the beloved Premier Zhou is not a soldier, it is not at the distribution list. But Premier Zhou was very supportive of the national watch. He once said to the staff in the factory, "let me do some propaganda for you."! The prime minister and their own money to buy a military, the prime minister is love the army, until his death there is no off. The prime minister's body was cremated, cremation workers accidentally discovered the prime minister's wrist with the military, that is the prime minister remains picked them. This table is kept in the Chinese Revolutionary Military Museum, which is called "Premier table" by collectors".

In May 1962, according to the air force command requirements first aerobatic team development pilot special flight code table, to undertake the trial is the original "Tianjin military factory", to December 1963, try to install the finished table 32. In January 1964, the third batch of trial production was carried out after modification of the drawing and adjustment of the process. In October 1965, 100 products were finished. By October 1965, the "304" China first generation aviation table test issued, smoothly through the detection accuracy of the clock, timing, high temperature, dynamic, antimagnetic, moisture-proof, speed of needle dial school, a handsetting starting quality, impact and other important indicators. Therefore, this watch collectors called it "Tianjin 1963 flight table". The table is developed by China's first successful flight table, to fill a gap in China's military technology history.

In 1978, XXX factory continue to accept the Central Military Commission in the production of military military production movement based on the model of type 1120 (Shanghai card type 1120 military and civilian military is divided into two, a printed word "Military" military type 1120 on the dial). XX card 1120 reasonable design, fine grinding movement, with high quality. This table participated in self-defense counterattack war, but also assigned to the regiment level cadres. Special operations forces can be allotted to the platoon one, such as reconnaissance troops, etc.. After the war of self-defense, two (Laoshan Mountain, Yinshan) served as soldiers to defend the wartime awards prizes. Discontinued in 1985. around

It's less than 40 thousand blocks. Collectors were much sought after because of the loss of war.