Men wear watches as an attitude

- Mar 18, 2019-

When you need a watch, especially if you want to customize a watch that belongs to you, it shows that you attach great importance to time. Time is life!

KODA Watch Customization in Shenzhen tells you a story: There used to be a joke that if Hong Kong people can't find a job without watches, the boss will think that you have no idea of time and can't do anything. So Hong Kong people can go to work without a suit, but not without a watch. Believe it or not, you can flip through the popular books on how to gather wealth in bookstores. Almost all the books that teach you how to develop point out the fundamental difference between the rich and the poor in the treatment of time: what the poor have is more time, they can waste and kill casually in their youth, and nothing can be achieved in their old age. The rich man lacks nothing but time. His time is not enough. His time is spent on realizing his ideal. Can he be rich? Why does the boss choose a watchwearer? This person values his time and this person will certainly be efficient in doing things.