Mechanical watch and quartz watch

- Dec 15, 2017-

Mechanical watch and quartz watch

Quartz watch

In a quartz watch, the heart of the watch consists of the integrated circuit. The division of time is effected by a quartz oscillator, vibrating under the effect of electrical energy supplied by a battery. The energy source takes the form of a miniaturised battery with a lifespan of several years. The division of time is effected by a quartz oscillator which transforms energy from the battery into vibrations.

Mechanical watch

A standard mechanical watch has around 130 components assembled in three subassemblies, namely the energy source, the regulating parts and the display. The number of components is naturally higher for watches with complications (chronograph, calendar, phase of the moon, fly-back hand, etc). The energy supplied by the spring is transmitted by the gear-train. The escapement transmits impulses, while the balance divides the time. Winding, either manual or automatic via the rotor, tightens the spring.

Automatic quartz watch

Swiss watchmakers have overcome the challenge of combining these two types of technology. They have created a watch movement which operates as a quartz movement but recharges like a mechanical movement, thereby obtaining an automatic watch with the accuracy of quartz.