Pay attention for Mechanical watch maintenance

- Oct 23, 2017-

Pay attention for Mechanical watch maintenance

1, the best day in fixed time clockwork (for manual mechanical table), once foot. Wind up the table and keep it in place. Don't get too tight. It's too tight. The clockwork is easy to stick with the oil in the clockwork box. When the spring is relaxed, it is easy to break because the elasticity is too large.

2, in the watch movement parts most squeamish, when the balance wheel and spring. Is it because the balance axis is very small, only about 0.10mm, the balance wheel in a watch in high speed shock wheel rotation, the quality of the whole depend on it to support. So, watch the most violent vibration, playing or hitting things with your hand, it is best to take it down. In addition, watches are also afraid of water immersion, so washing clothes, washing hands or doing other water contact work, it is best to take down the watch. If the watch glass appears fog or water point, should be repaired in time, wiping the fog water point, so as not to damage the movement.

3, can not open the table cover at random, to avoid dust fall into, also can not be dialed, the fault should be sent to the table shop repair.

4, the common fault is when the mechanical watch is not accurate, especially when the watch movement was accidentally magnetized, so don't wear watches, not to watch on TV, stereo and other electrical appliances, so as not to be speaker magnets magnetized, affect the travel time. In addition, the watch should not be put together with camphor, because camphor is a very volatile substance, easy to make the oil solidification.

5, pay attention to protect the surface mirror, should avoid and sharp hard sharp material rubbing, avoid by high pressure, high heat and chemical reagents corrosion, so as not to be damaged. If there is a slight mark, the toothpaste can be painted on the flannelette and rubbed back and forth on the surface of the mirror to eliminate the marking. Don't wipe with alcohol, avoid the mirror and alcohol chemical action and fragmentation.

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