Matters needing attention in the use of quartz watches

- May 15, 2019-

Quartz watch is one of the watches and quartz watch is the English language. The use of quartz crystals in clocks and watches is a modern invention. The first quartz watch appeared in 1969. This year, Japanese Seiko discovered how to make quartz into tuning forks. The first quartz watch to enter production was Seiko 35 square astronomy, released in 1957 by Hamilton Watch Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

1. Calendar of watches should not be operated between 21:00 PM and 3:00 AM during the week and month phase debugging. Calendar function is in operation during this period. It is also a time when gear teeth are less clenched. More actions will damage the inner parts of watches.

2. The weekly calendar skipping is divided into two types: fast and slow. The first type is completed in +5 minutes, and the second type is completed in 3 hours.

3. If a watch with spiral crown is deemed appropriate, do not pull it out hard. Please rotate the closed crown counter-clockwise first. After debugging, turn the crown clockwise and push it into the lock to avoid water intake.

4. If a watch with a calendar needs to adjust the day, please adjust the calendar to the day before you need it. After that, turn the hour hand to adjust the day. The day will change when the needle passes through 12:00 at midnight. This can prevent the confusion of day and night caused by the direct adjustment of the day.

5. In case of watches with complex functions, please read in detail the accompanying text instructions.