Material quality and durability of alloy watch core

- May 17, 2019-

Watch materials, including fine steel, alloy, plastic and so on, once popular electronic watches, with the impact of mobile phone digital, have disappeared in the market, proving that the mainstream watch market is still mature, business-oriented, fine steel watches are relatively comfortable, its cost is not expensive, at least need more than several hundred pieces, fine steel, choice, exquisite workmanship. Zhan, it takes at least 30 working procedures to build a Jinggang watch, and the price is naturally relatively high. The same is true for alloy products, which are made of a variety of metal mixtures. The quality of alloy watches is guaranteed. The consumption of alloy watches in the market is good, and it will continue to grow in the future.

Is the watch made of alloy better or the one made of fine steel better? Radish and vegetable, have their own preferences, from the hardness, the steel is relatively high, generally up to 9 Mohs hardness, from comfort, alloy wear more comfortable. What are the so-called total watches? What are their mandrels? According to the information published by the manufacturer, the common machine core is quartz, which is world-famous. Once upon a time, it was able to have a quartz watch and be happy or eager to wear.

Taken together, the watchcase with quartz core will produce a durable, wear-resistant and waterproof high-quality product. The manufacturers in Shenzhen have domestic and foreign customers consulting relevant information every day, which shows how popular the watches with quartz core are. However, in the use of the group, alloy products are more popular with mature and stable men, young generation of consumers, preferring fine steel watches, what is the reason? Because cold tones are popular nowadays, bright colors are chilled instead.

Many people think that alloy watches often have inaccurate pointer time. Why? Is there a quality problem? Did the pointer stop? In fact, this is related to the way users use their watches. In life and work, do you put watches on magnetic objects? If so, this may lead to magnetic suction pointer, leading to pause or rapid jump, regardless of quality, is related to the use of habits, usually remember to avoid.

Quartz core alloy watches, wear-resistant straps, exquisite case, precise scale, and low price, gradually become the first choice of the mainstream market, of course, the younger generation, through personalized customization, the production of alloy watches with exclusive characteristics, create a personalized era, we are a professional customization of various watches factory, welcome calls to understand business negotiations, will To provide you with the most cost-effective watch products, style, material selection.