Maintenance Skills of Machine Meter Core

- Mar 25, 2019-

Of watches, mechanical watches are the most valuable. Mechanical watches are more careful than quartz watches in use, especially the mechanical watches. Although the mechanical watches have no batteries, it is necessary to carry out some simple and easy maintenance, which is very helpful to prolong the service life of watches and maintain the good condition of the mechanical watches. How to maintain the machine core of the mechanical watch?

How to Maintain Machine Meter Core

1. Normal wear to avoid vibration

Only when the wearer has a proper amount of activity, can it continue to be on the top and run normally (it may be slow when the wearer has a small amount of activity, which is a normal phenomenon. For the first time, please rotate the handle 20-30 times to make the initial winding up. Although the watch is shockproof, it is easy to break the tip of the pendulum or the Journal of the gear train when the external impact is strong. It can also make the vibration of the fast and slow needle affect the walking time within the scope of economic capacity. It is advisable to replace two or three watches in daily life: wearing mechanical watches in static activities and quartz watches in sports. It is helpful to prolong the service life of the meter.

2. Preventing magnetization

Although watches are made of non-magnetic materials which are not easy to magnetize, they are greatly affected by magnetic fields, such as magnetic buckles on TV sets, radio horns, backpacks or purses.

3. Long-term non-use of watch placement

If not placed in the suitcase with camphor balls and sanitary balls, the surface oil will deteriorate, and the watch machine will not run accurately at intervals of monthly winding or wearing, so as to ensure flexible internal activities.

4. Watch Waterproof

Try not to take your watch to swim or wash your clothes. Once it rains and gets wet or wet, don't pull out your watch and adjust it at this time, but dry it immediately. Sea water is even more untouchable. Even if the waterproof watch is indicated, it can only have one year's waterproof guarantee, because the waterproof ring of the watch will be tired after a whole year's wear and tear, dust and other inevitable external factors, so a new waterproof ring must be replaced after one year, otherwise it will not have waterproof function. Because the head of the handlebar is protruding, it should be avoided as far as possible to bump it. Also, attention should be paid to the gap between the handlebar head and the shell, too small will affect the operation, and too large will affect the waterproof performance, but also not beautiful.

5. Watch cleaning

Generally speaking, three to five years of sludge washing are determined by the following factors: (1) the sealing problem of watches; (2) the wearing degree of watches; (3) quartz watches can prolong the washing period; (4) men's watches or pocket watches can wash oil longer than thin watches or women's watches.

Maintenance of Machine Meter Core

2. Three major problems may exist before oil washing

1. The lubricating oil on the machine core parts dries or becomes viscous. This will add resistance to the operation of the machine core parts, so that the movement of the machine core is prohibited.

2. Excessive lubricating oil in the machine core will cause oil overflow and contamination of the parts of the machine core, especially the organization of the escapement speed regulation and the pendulum, thus affecting the running time of the machine core.

3. There are foreign bodies in the core, such as dust particles, metal scraps, fibre fabrics, fingerprint sweat stains and so on, which will lead to the life of the core, travel time stability.

Washing oil is the process of removing and assembling parts from scratch. Because of the different degree of oil pollution, we can divide it into two parts. The first part is less oil pollution, such as splint, gem, pendulum, hairpin and tension spring. The second one is gear, hair box and screw. The parts in the first part of the list are fine and simple to damage.

The second part is heavy oil pollution, so we must choose the cleaning steps one by one according to the condition of the watch movement. After the oil washing operation is over, there is still a little oil work to test the repairman's attitude, because after cleaning the watches, we need to do a replacement process, that is, drop new oil from scratch in each place where lubricants are needed. This work is particularly important, or it will cause serious damage to the watch.