Maintenance of Alloy Watches

- May 22, 2019-

Do you know about the maintenance of alloy watches? What should we pay attention to in our daily life? The following are seven major maintenance tips introduced by Shenzhen Alloy Watch Manufacturer.

  1. Alloy watches are the best place to place desiccants, but avoid using camphor pills, insect repellents and other chemicals.

2. Cortical watches should avoid contact with water as much as possible, so that the strap hardens and smells, resulting in rupture.

3. Alloy watches are abnormal and should be sent to the nearest professional watch shop for inspection immediately.

4. Automatic watches must be active enough or worn every day for more than 10 hours.

5. Wear different watches for different occasions, such as sports, it is better to choose waterproof and shock-proof performance, excellent sports watches.

6. If water marks RESESTENT or 3ATM robots to remind you that any watch should not be worn, in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch cover, look at the sealing roll is rubber, easy to aging temperature, and the surrounding water vapor molecules are small, easy to be penetrated, causing internal mechanical damage.

7. Because the errors of each mechanical meter or automatic meter that looks at its internal mechanical structure are within 30 seconds per day, the lower errors of quartz meters are more accurate in different normal operating conditions.

How to identify the quality of alloy watches?

(1) Needle dialing inspection: when the needle is dialed counterclockwise, the second hand stops, but when the needle stops dialing, the second hand should start to move again. Otherwise, it means that the inner part of the machine core is not tightened properly.

(2) Alloy watches are measured by timing accuracy. According to the national standard, the domestic watches are divided into four grades. The diurnal difference of the first, second, third and fourth grade watches is larger or less than (+30 seconds,+45 seconds,+60 seconds,+90 seconds, respectively.

(3) Sound check: When the strings are up, the movement can not have "click" sound. If there is noise or slippage, it indicates that there is a problem with the above parts. If the sound is fast and chaotic, there is a swing phenomenon.

(4) Alloy watch manufacturers talk about appearance inspection: check the case, surface and needle for serious scratches.

(5) Sensitivity test: In the state of complete relaxation of the clocks, up and down, down and down, if the second hand walking sensitivity is considered qualified, otherwise it is insensitive.