Maintenance of alligator skin strap

- May 23, 2018-

Maintenance of alligator skin strap.

It is suggested that the original crocodile leather strap should be taken off and collected, and the other quality should be worn with a small leather strap, or as little as possible in the summer, and more in winter. Usually can give the watch band to wipe some colorless sheep oil, especially in the long time without the collection, this is like wearing leather shoes, the maintenance is not long lasting effect is different. When picking and tying the watch, the action should be slow and gentle, avoiding strong pulling. When the strap is always fixed, do not turn back; The strap is often rubbed against hard objects such as the tabletop, which will cause the surface of the strap to accelerate and wear away, which should be avoided as much as possible. Do not tighten your wrists too tightly when wearing a crocodile leather strap. Be moderately loose to reduce the erosion of skin contact and sweat. Again good cortex, attentive caress, again also could not prevent the ageing of leather, have been found fracture of strap, will not hesitate to do change in time, tattered leather strap can reduce the appearance quality and the grade watches a lot of, MianMuJieFei aside, and may cause the hidden trouble of the lost watch.