Machine Watch Customization: How about Machine Watch

- Apr 13, 2019-

I believe many watch enthusiasts have already understood the difference between mechanical watches and quartz watches. Comparing with ordinary quartz watches, mechanical watches have many advantages. They operate completely independently on the principle of machinery. This characteristic is that many watches can't be compared. The second hand of mechanical watches moves continuously. So, how about a mechanical watch? What are the characteristics?

A common automatic machine watch has 90 to 100 parts, and more functional machine has 1400 parts. The energy of the machine watch is a coiled Spring Mechanical watches can also be divided into manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches: 1. Manual mechanical watches: hand chains, rotating the crown, the spring in the machine core will release energy to promote the operation of the watch; 2. Automatic mechanical watches: the power of the automatic chain-up machine core is driven by the weight of the flying wheel in the machine core, when the arm with the watch swings, it will drive the flying wheel to rotate, while driving the spring in the watch. Chain the watch.

The characteristics of the mechanical table are as follows:

(1) Different from quartz watches, mechanical watches run continuously and uninterruptedly.

(2) Because of the complexity of the mechanical watch's core, the travel time error is large (depending on the brand), the error of the observatory's core is small, and the error of one day is normal within - 4/+6 seconds. The running time error of mechanical watches can not be accumulated. Watches need to be debugged after a period of time.

(3) Fine technology, easy to use, can walk more than 36 hours on foot spring.

The service life of the machine core is long.

(5) Appearance is thicker than quartz watches (depending on the brand). Some brands are also thin, but they are usually hand-operated mechanical watches.

For the requirements of watches, people first pay attention to its accuracy, followed by its aesthetic appearance. We know that a good machine core determines the accuracy of the mechanical watch travel time, which will minimize the error of the watch travel time, which is very important for consumers. Durable, not easy to damage. At the same time, many watches with fashion elements can be added, which can meet the various needs of consumers for fashion.

Suggestion 1 for the use of mechanical watches. Manual winding watches should be winded once a day at the same time, so that watches will have enough energy to operate in the next 24 hours.

2. The energy of the watch with automatic winding mechanism comes from the movement of the wearer's arm. Therefore, it is not necessary to use manual winding under normal wearing conditions. Only when the wearer's movement is not enough to supply enough energy for the hair, the method of manual winding can be used to compensate, and the rotation of the crown can be controlled within 20 circles when winding.

3. The automatic top-chord watch that has not been worn for more than 40 hours shall be rotated 20 times when it is worn again to restart the drive system of the motor core.

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