LED watches are popular with teenagers

- Apr 25, 2019-

Product characteristics of LED watch: press the key in the middle for 3 seconds, then the hour will flash. You press the middle button for 3 seconds, and the hour will flicker. When you press the middle button for 3 seconds, he will adjust to the minute. When the LED watch lights press the middle button for 3 seconds to the date, they will light up. Only a few seconds, not always. All LED watches are the same!

Manipulation instructions:

1. One-button omnipotence: enter and switch position in three seconds when the light is turned on;

2. Setting order;: hours - minutes - months - days; no operation after three seconds, keep launching

3. Three modes: time display (hour/minute), date display (month/day) and second display.

4. A key touch operation (the mirror of the watch is a touch key)

5. Working Voltage 6V

6.12-hour system

7. Low Power Consumption

8. Touch the button to display the time once, touch the date of the second display, and touch the second display second.

9. In the time display mode, touch the button for three seconds, the clock flickers, in the clock setting mode, touch the clock for one hour faster, after the clock setting; touch the button for three seconds, minute flicker, in the minute setting mode, touch a minute plus one minute, touch a minute plus three seconds, year flicker, touch a year, touch a March setting, month flicker, touch a minute plus one minute. Month, touch three seconds, date flash, touch one time and one day, then touch three seconds to return to time display mode.

10. This product belongs to 30 meters life waterproof, that is to say, when washing hands or face, wear it, a small amount of water splashed on the surface, or a small amount of perspiration remained on the surface in summer, as long as it is timely wiped off, but if it is bathing or swimming, it can not be worn oh!

11. Usage: Elegant electronic watch, affordable price, reliable quality, can not only see the time, but also can clearly print company logo or various pictures on products, can be used for product promotion, is to improve the corporate image or advertising one of the best promotional gifts.