leather band and stainless steel's band Advantages and disadvantages

- Jan 17, 2018-

   Leather strap itself has a lot of different classification, the price difference is also big, common have small cowhide, crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, pearl fish skin and so on. The watch, which has a top leather strap, can be elegant and comfortable to wear, so it is one of the most commonly used and most popular watchbands. Its disadvantage is not durable, more difficult to maintain, and be afraid of the damp to be afraid of the sunlight to direct, need to replace the new leather strap regularly.

   Steel chain strap: generally refers to the gold, platinum, K gold and other precious metals material, the price is a lot more expensive than other strap, usually for jewelry table, dinner table, etc., design and workmanship are usually very delicate and luxurious, suitable to wear on special occasions. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for daily wear, the maintenance is difficult, and the durability and firmness are not enough.