Knowledge Sharing of Watch Diameter

- Mar 19, 2019-

With the passage of time, everything is in the process of renewal. The appearance and size of watches are also changing constantly. This is because people's preferences are changing. Thin watches were popular in the past, but in recent years, large watches have begun to be worn. Women's watches should be more than 30 mm in diameter, while men's watches with 40 mm are also common.

We can see all kinds of watches in the watch market. However, in such a large number of watches, they can basically be divided into three categories: men's watches, women's watches and watches between them, also known as BOY watches. Watches have the characteristics of decoration. Wearing large watches is intuitive, publicized, bold, dazzling and avant-garde, especially for young people. Especially those fashionable watches are exaggerated. I personally like watches with larger diameters, because from the watch movement, large watches with smaller movement generally have better luck performance.

Everything has two sides, and everything has a limit, reaching this limit will lead to extreme things. If you keep up with the trend, you will feel uncomfortable wearing a large watch on your wrist for a long time.

If we want to choose a watch with a larger diameter, we should seriously consider a few points. I believe you will make a satisfactory decision after you see it.

(1) It has poor shock-proof performance. Once it is shocked, it is easier for the machine core to go wrong.

(2) The handle of a large watch is sharp and large, and the wrist will feel very uncomfortable when it is worn.

(3) Watches are large and heavy. They carry fallen wrists and wear them for a long time can make people feel tired. A watch with a metal strap of 44mm in diameter weighs almost 150 grams.

(4) It is easy to bump, because the exterior parts are very special, once they are damaged and incomplete, it is difficult to find accessories.

(5) The pointer is seriously unbalanced. On the one hand, it will affect the luck performance.

(6) Not all large watches are made of large machine cores. Small machine cores are often used to make large watches by adding model boards to the top of the watches. The watches are owned by small horse-drawn carts for 12/24 hours, which increase the transmission load and easily lead to various faults. It's a little big quartz fashion watch, but the movement is very small.

(7) Because big watches have selling points, the price is even more unfair.

(8) A little special-shaped arched watch, waterproof and sealing performance is poor, easy to enter water. In fact, when we choose watches, we choose the size of watches we like according to our preferences. But when the watch is worn on one's wrist, it is comfortable and uncomfortable. Only one knows it. Because of this, I think that the size of the watch should also be based on the age, gender, height, fat, thin wrist, office nature, survival habits and other factors to think comprehensively, especially older people are not suitable for wearing too large watches.