Knowledge of Diving Watches in Summer

- May 22, 2019-

With the rising temperature, people's love for diving watches (watch customization) is increasing, almost every year, which may become an eternal fashion topic. Because of the long

Living on land in 1960, facing the magnificence of the ocean, everyone's heart germinates the impulse to go diving. Even if you don't go scuba diving, navigate the sea in a boat, or just play in the area of shark nets, or even wear it away from the ocean for daily work (watch customizer). If the diving watch appears on your wrist, it also hides your adventurous spirit.

In recent years, some brands have superimposed "depth meter" devices on professional diving watches (Shenzhen watch customization). With mechanical depth meter and electronic depth meter, wrist watches can be like a tiger. The mechanical depth meter is composed of a set of springs, gears, pointers and sensing buttons, which clearly shows the real-time depth of divers. Moreover, the display range of the mechanical depth meter is usually the depth limit that divers with scuba diving equipment can withstand, which reflects the safety warning function of the professional diving meter.

The centralized expression of professionalism - helium exhaust valve, although the practicability of helium exhaust valve is controversial, because ordinary people generally can not dive to the depth of the need to use helium exhaust valve, but it is a concentrated expression of the specialty of wrist watch. Rolex's automatic helium removal technology and Omega's manual helium removal technology have tens of millions of followers.