Jewelry watches should be maintained

- Jun 12, 2018-

Jewelry watches should be maintained

The combination of jewelry and watch will be luxurious and precious to the extreme. Jewelry watch is not only a tool for timing, but also a kind of beautiful jewelry. Especially for ladies who love beauty, every jewelry watch reveals the sex appeal and elegance of women. As a high-end luxury, the maintenance of jewelry watches must be very careful. Today, high-end watch manufacturers share jewelry watches for you, how should they be maintained?

High-end watch manufacturers tell you that in the summer because of less clothing, easy to collide, easy to cause the loose and even fall off of the gems.

Key maintenance points:

1. The jewelry watch is afraid of impact. The high-end watch manufacturer suggests that you take off the watch as much as possible during the summer sports.

2. We all know that gemstones should avoid being corroded and rubbed against hard objects. When spraying perfume or doing rough work, you should take off your watch to prevent the gems from being corroded or worn.

3. Before each wearing, it is necessary to check whether the gem is loose. If necessary, it shall be sent to the watch shop or high-end watch manufacturer for repair immediately.