Is the quartz movement in the watch good or the machine core good

- Apr 16, 2018-

Is the quartz movement in the watch good or the machine core good?

Quartz movement and movement movement of different emphasis, quartz movement is driven by electricity, quartz crystal oscillation frequency is very stable, so the error of the quartz movement very small, the average error is less than 5 seconds, every day in recent years has been a radio clock fixed time each day for the transmission of radio waves by henan shangqiu automatic calibration, so as long as there is electric battery, basically there is no error. The disadvantage is that the battery has no power to replace it.

Gathered during the mechanical movement by wind or movement of the mechanical energy to drive, the mechanical energy generally have a linear calibration deviation, for instance, sometimes fast sometimes walk slowly, but with the continuous development of technology, mechanical movement of the increasingly perfect set-up, like: patek philippe Vacheron constantin Cartier... Even mechanical precision is great, but the price...

To sum up, if the short time is practical, it is still quartz movement. If it is a collection, the mechanical core will definitely improve the pretend bility index.