Is it appropriate for a friend to send a watch on his birthday?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Many people are asking: what should relatives and friends give for their birthday? With the development of the watch industry, many people want to send watches, so there is such a problem. Can we send watches for birthday? What does a watch mean?

According to an online survey, up to 84% of netizens think they can send watches on their birthdays, while the remaining 16% think they can't. In fact, no matter what you send, it's mainly your intention. Although watches and clocks are both a timing tool, giving clocks may give people a sense of end, so gift giving clocks is generally not advocated. However, watches do not have this meaning, so they can still be used as gifts for relatives and friends. But just because a watch is good doesn't mean that the other party will be satisfied with any watch. Choosing a more suitable watch for the gift giver will increase the satisfaction of the recipient after receiving the gift.

With the increase of people's consumption of luxury goods, more and more people begin to regard giving watches as a gift of expressing their hearts and wishes and condolences. As a special birthday gift, parents hope that their children will know how to cherish time and study hard, while lovers hope that the other party will feel the sweetness of "thinking of you all the time".

What does it mean for boys to give girls watches?

1. Walking around is also a sign of luck.

2. Watch homophonic expression, expression of love, on behalf of my heart, meaning of love.

3. Walk with your loved ones and stay with you forever.

4. I'll give you all my time in the future, which means eternity.

5. See you every day, every now and then, every minute, every minute with you.

What does it mean for girls to give boys watches?

1. Just want your time to be controlled by him, your time is his time.

2. Hope he thinks of himself all the time and his best time!

3. Think of me all the time, and remember that someone is waiting for you every minute and every second.

5. Every second will remember me, I can communicate with you every minute!

What does it mean to send watches between friends?

1. Cherish our minutes and seconds, foreshadowing long-term friendship.

2. Hope the watch can turn out good luck! Hope friends have good luck every day!

2. I hope everyone with a watch will be happy every day, and luck will always be around you!.

Specifically, there is no bad sense in giving watches. It's good to give watches on your birthday.