Introduction of Diving Watch Grade and Special Function

- Apr 04, 2019-

Summer is hot, and it's the season of diving watch. So, what does the waterproof grade of watches mean, or more precisely, what does the waterproof grade of diving watches really mean? In many people's subconscious will think that waterproof watches must be waterproof, but why is it clearly written that waterproof watches, watches have water intake performance after touching water? Waterproof watches are really waterproof? How to distinguish the waterproof watches? What about water level? This is a problem that has been haunting our mind for a long time. This problem includes the following aspects. Firstly, can or should diving watches be used for the official waterproofing rating? Secondly, can the official waterproofing rating be enough to protect diving watches in various real life environments? Finally, the waterproofing rating is only a "static" rating, while exercise can lead to a "drastic increase" of the actual water pressure. Will this make the watches waterproofing invalid?

Waterproof specifications and grades

Grade 1:30-50m is daily waterproofing (logo: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), which can resist a small amount of hand washing, face washing and splashing, as well as raindrops when it rains, but attention should not be taken too long.

Level 2: 100 - 200 meters (logo: 100M, 10ATM, 110BAR) can be used for swimming activities, but only for shallow swimming.

Grade 3:300 meters or above (logo: 300M, 30ATM, 30BAR), water sports or free diving.

Special function of diving watch

Function 1: Helium exhaust valve

Diving watch

"Helium drainage" is a very professional function. It is usually used in professional diving meters (waterproof more than 1000m). Because full-time divers can't travel to and from the sea every time they work in the deep sea, it will waste too much time decompressing (see Watch Class). So they have to live in deep-sea high-pressure diving tanks for a long time, but at this time the blood will dissolve into a considerable amount of gas, so the air used in the general diving tanks is "helium" oxygen mixture. Because the helium molecule is smaller than the water molecule, when we are under high pressure for a long time, the helium molecule will infiltrate into the waterproof watch and fill it with high-pressure helium. Once we return to the water surface, if the high-pressure helium in the watch can not be discharged in a short time, the watch will explode because of high pressure.

Function 2: Rotary watch ring

Mechanical watch

Rotary watch rings serve as a reminder of diving time. The labeling scale of the revolving dial is 15, 30 and 45, because the oxygen cylinders in general diving can only stick to 45 minutes (some are labeled 60 minutes). The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, because divers will strictly abide by the 15 minutes of safe stay on ascent to do diving decompression. Usually, as long as the watch ring is rotated during diving, the 0-scale on the watch ring is aligned with the minute needle, and then the diving time can be known by looking at the scale on the corresponding watch ring after the minute needle moves. Of course, you can also count down. First, know your diving time. Turn the dial to align the minute scale with the minute scale. Then the minute scale to the zero scale is just your diving limit time. The rotation of the outer ring is usually designed in a single counterclockwise direction, which is to ensure that the calculation time only counts more, not less, and to prevent the danger of delay time. In recent years, the new built-in chronometer ring has no restriction on rotation direction, because the crown of the control ring must be locked before launching.

Function 3: Rotary anti-skid crown

Wrist Watch

Where is the easiest place for a watch to enter water? The answer is definitely the crown, because the crown is the only part that connects the outside world and the machine core. In order to prevent water from entering the core through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called a rotary crown, in which a rubber-based waterproof rubber ring is added to the connection of the crown. When the crown is tightened, the water is tightly separated from the wrist watch (similar to the rubber pad at the valve of the water pipe in our family). There are also many diving meters that will be upgraded. They not only have larger crowns, but also have deeper pit lines on them to make underwater operation more skid-proof and convenient.

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Function 4: Night light indication

Luminescent indicators

In the dark and helpless underwater, we will feel a strong yearning for light. As the basis of underwater reading, all diving watches will be equipped with eye-catching night light pointers and calibrations. Usually the pointer, scale or surface of a diving meter is coated with fluorescent material and deliberately enlarged.