Instructions for watch

- Jan 12, 2018-

1. Start the watch: take out the insurance file of the watch, then push the handle of the watch, and the watch will start to run.

2, to the needle, proofing time: to be the second hand in 12, immediately hold the B button position, make the second hand stuck in December when, to spin the grip when the minute hand clockwise, at 10 PM, needle ring began to slowly move (if you don't move, just need to dial the 12 hours), to 12 PM, ring will automatically turn a calendar date. Continue to dial the needle clockwise, the dial begins to slowly move about 3 times, the calendar plate is to change a week by itself (because the calendar USES two words to express, so need to carry twice).

3, calendar: hold down the D button position (watches still in normal operation), rotate handle head forward, can quickly change the date, to the required H period, backward rotation handle head, can quickly change week (including the words of both Chinese and English), the week after, stop rotation, will head into the B button handle position.