Instructions for the Use of Watches

- May 22, 2019-

1. Instructions on the use of watches in office scenes:

1. Please use the wristwatch at room temperature (custom-made watches). If the temperature exceeds the scope of commitment, the wristwatch will be damaged or even stop working.

2. Do not wear wristwatch in high temperature background (such as sauna room) to avoid burning skin.

3. Do not place the wrist watch in contact with high temperature (e.g. in the sundries box of the vehicle dashboard) so as to avoid damage to the wrist watch, such as modification of molecular compound plastic devices, etc.

4. Do not place the wrist watch next to the permanent magnet. If the wrist watch is placed next to the magnetic neck chain and other magnetic force to push the health device, or the magnetic suction lock of the refrigerator door, handbag buckle or mobile phone headset, it will cause the wrist watch to run inaccurately. If this happens, remove the watch and set a new time.

5. Do not place the wrist watch next to the electrostatic appliances. The strong static electricity emitted by TV screen and curtain in wristwatch connection may cause inaccurate operation.

6. Do not let the wristwatch suffer violent vibration, such as the wristwatch landing.

7. Do not use wristwatches in the context of possible exposure to chemicals or corrosive gases. If the diluent, fuel and other solvents or things including such solvents touch the watch, it may cause discoloration, cracks and so on. If the watch is in contact with the metal mercury used by the thermometer, the case, strap or other devices may be discolored.

Errors in Watch Operation: (Mechanical Watch - Brand Watch Customization)

1. It is inevitable that the mechanical meter has errors to a large extent when it is running.

2. Close to the magnetic field, such as TV sets and mobile phones, will affect the operation of watches. Additionally, if the wearer itself has a strong body magnetic field, it will also affect the operation of the watch. Because the error range of this mechanical watch is different, even if it is the same watch.

3. The 24-hour error of the ordinary semi-automatic mechanical watch is normal in about 150 seconds. The 24-hour error of the manual watch is normal in about 5 minutes.

4. If you don't wear a semi-automatic mechanical watch, when the energy storage is exhausted, you will stop working, because when you don't wear it, or show insufficient power, please do it manually. Manual watch is absolutely dependent on winding to keep running, because it is best to tighten the strings before going to bed and before going to work. (Twenty or thirty laps are usually enough, so don't overdo it.)

Explanation of waterproofing:

1. Waterproofing in daily life: Watches of this kind can only bear mild wet water, such as washing with a little water, but can not touch the surface of a large plane or object, such as bathing, etc. So the point is that waterproof watches in daily life do not belong to waterproof watches.

2. Waterproof: This kind of wrist watch can bear moderate wet water and absolutely soak. But you can't dive.

3. Swimming: This kind of wrist watch can be worn for diving, swimming and other activities. Note: No matter what kind of waterproof watch, button operation can not be carried out in water! Extra high temperature background, watch waterproof function will be destroyed!

Attention items: (Waterproof watch) 1. Wearing is necessary to maintain the crown to normal condition. If the wrist watch has a screw lock crown, the crown must be tightened absolutely. 2. Do not operate the crown when the hand is wet or when the wrist is wet, so as to avoid the water entry of the wrist watch and damage the waterproof function. 3. If the watch is used in sea water, wash it with fresh water after leaving sea water and wipe it with dry cloth.