Inspection method of wrist watch steel band

- May 31, 2018-

Inspection method of wrist watch steel band

1. Checking styles

L. The external dimensions fully meet the requirements of the drawing dimensions and within the tolerance range. The color and grinding of the strap must be consistent with the case or with the approved sample. (the size is completely in line with the drawing, which is somewhat flexible. The key is that we need to cooperate with each other, and the appearance consequence is directly related to the product level.)

2. Clear and definite typing marks (such as brand, material and origin).

3. The fastening bead of the watch band cannot be used as a hairpin or ear, while the flower twig of the solid core band is used for the tightening bead, and the solid core needle is used for sealing the side band. (a qualified designer will plead for discretion if the cost allows)

4. The number of arrows on both sides of the belt bottom must be as requested. If there is no appeal, carry three arrows on each side. (first to beg, if have no clear supplication, that is about to consult industry in terms of scale, usually the length with split grain number to take long than short with a grain of demolition, the same number. It is necessary to have the nozzle of an arrow in normal circumstances.

5. The length of ping should be sufficient, that is, the length of ping =(width - 0). The tolerance is -0. 20 mm. You can't see the depth of about 0 from the side of the belt. Ping holes of 7mm or above.

Ii. Functional inspection

L. The size of supplication can be reached after shell fitting.

2. Ensure that the drop zone method between each belt and grain (natural droop of the whole drop zone, and the half-drop zone Angle shall not be less than 45o, etc.) meets the request. The joints are supple and not stiff. (regarding the cooperation of shell and strap, it is important to take into account the overall line effect of smooth, natural and comfortable to wear with hands. Cannot treat as the same as we do the watch case of diversification of small size, products are exported to regions is not confined to a small area, so to consider different country/region to reference with the consequences.)

3. The opening button and closing force of the watch shall be 0 for men's wear. 7 kg to 1. 4kg for women's wear. 5 to 1. Between 2 kg.

4. The steel ping can withstand 5 times of disassembly and assembly after 1. 5 kg jacking force. (remove the granule 1. 5/2-7/8kg range; Close connection, for example, with a single tooth branch/steel bolt connecting the head granule: 3-10kg)

5. Conducted three drop tests for 100cm boards; About 10kg of tension three times; About 5kg for the male zhuang and 3kg for the female zhuang three times; None of the parts fell off and deformed after the test. (entreaties for different lines differ in the duration of the tension/torsion test, sports/fashion/hand trim)

Iii. Appearance inspection

L, 30 cm under 40 w fluorescent lamp brightness, is apart from the surface observation of 25 cm distance and without auxiliary tool under the front, bottom and sides, no pollution, marks, scratches, and bad appearance of obvious problems such as no collapse point.

2. No wax excrement between the grains, no wax excrement in the ping hole. (the whole should be clean without residual sundries: glue scale, oil stain. Watermarks, handprints. Etc.)

3. Bright electroplating, no miscellaneous points, no yellowing and blackening. Clear plating line. (the plating shall be completely covered, without a nodal exposed layer, with clear gold boundaries, no boundary, electroplating adhesion, color, etc.)

4. There is no edge or sharp edge between the belt and the belt or the buckle. (the watch strap must be as soft and soft as possible to keep it as close as possible.)

5. The distance between the buckle and the end of the watch shall not be greater than 0. 5 mm. (different watch buttons are also different, such as the jewelry mouth and double opening bows. Etc.)