Identification skills for watch movements.

- May 08, 2019-

The movement of the watch is like the heart of mankind. If a person is a emperor, his heart will be weak if he is born, and he will not be fake. If the watch is worth the price, if the movement is only golden, it will be more difficult to return. Therefore, the "heart" and "core" are connected, and the people in the movement prefer to call "bloodliness". People have a bloodline of nobles and bloodlines.

The first step: When you get a movement, just meet someone you have never met, first look at the person's appearance, then look at his wearing the instrument, you can preliminarily judge his quality and grade. The same is true for the initial feeling of the movement. Let's look at the aspect of the movement first and foremost. Then carefully examine the details of the machining level of each splint and each transmission component that can be seen inside the movement. Whether it is symmetrical, so you can judge whether the movement is not a boutique, and thus you can understand that its design concept and the fineness of manufacturing are obvious, and the parts are rough, even Distorted, the appearance of the ugly movement of the movement is also well known;

Step 2: At this time, the movement is in the state of stopping the table. You can first rotate the arbor to wind the movement, and observe the balance spring system and the escapement. When you turn one lap up to three laps (Swiss movement) Generally, the balance spring system and the escapement mechanism start up and run. This step is to test the starting performance of the movement governing mechanism. If it cannot be started normally or delayed, then the speed control system of this movement has defects, especially the escapement may be abnormal, requiring professional Repair the master to deal with;

Step 3: If the balance spring system and the escapement can be started normally, you can continue to rotate the arbor to drive the movement of the movement. The special points to be noted at this time are: 1. Your winding feel should be comfortable and not very Strenuous and uneven feeling. 2. Pay attention to the sound when listening to the winding, and the sound of the caries should not appear. 3. The number of windings should not be too much, preferably around 20 laps. This step is to test the performance of the movement of the movement;

Step 4: If your movement is in the third gear position, pull out the arbor to the second gear position. At this time, be careful to pull out the arbor to the second gear position. The gear position should be clear and you can obviously feel it is in place. Then turn the arbor to quickly add additional functions. Generally, the functions set are calendar and weekly calendar. At this time, the key point to check is that the calendar ring or the weekly calendar wheel is driven by the fast-dial gear teeth, and each tooth should be skipped with a rhythm. If there is no rhythm in the swallowing date, there is a problem with the additional function of the movement, which needs to be highlighted;

Step 5: Pull out the arbor to the third gear position, turn the shank to move the needle, and the minute hand. At this time, the place to be noticed is similar to the time when the string is checked. It is still better. However, it is more important to observe that when the two pointers overlap to the 12 o'clock position, there must be no deviation from the middle, otherwise there will be an error in the display time. In addition, if you are interested, you can continue to rotate the arbor to allow the hour and minute hands to rotate until after 24 hours. Note that the calendar ring will jump once. This is to check the performance of the calendar mechanism in actual operation rather than fast-moving;

Step 6: If your movement has an automatic mechanism, the easiest way to check its performance is to pay attention to the position of the automatic tow, and then turn the movement vertically to see if the automatic totem remains the same, indicating automatic The performance of the wheel train is very flexible. If the automatic turret cannot maintain the same position, there may be resistance in your automatic train part. It is necessary to check the part of the train.