Identification of diamond quality

- Oct 31, 2017-

As the diamond is expensive, the purchase should pay attention to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Good diamonds are colorless, crystal clear and pure, fine grinding. At present the international evaluation of the diamond who is divided into color, clarity, weight, cutting four aspects. Weight is of course the heavier the better, the following focus on the color, clarity, cut three aspects.


>1.the color of the color of the diamond according to the letter from D to Z to distinguish the grade, D color of the best diamond color, Z color is closer to yellow or brown, the lower the value. General D, E, F is the best level, the most precious, this level of diamonds are colorless and transparent, the light through the refraction after the brilliant gorgeous, of course, the price is also the most expensive, G, H color times, diamonds is also White, I, J level of diamonds into yellowish, K, L, M, N is light yellow. BLOVES recommended selection of diamond ring, choose the H color above the diamond is better.

>2.clarity Diamond is a natural product, it is very long and complex process, its surface and the internal will form some natural inclusions or defects, such as bubbles, cracks and the like, which will affect the value of diamonds The The fewer defects, the higher the quality of diamonds, the higher the price. The clarity is determined by reference to the flaw of the display under ten magnifiers. The clarity is in descending order of IF (US), VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2. BLOVES recommended as the main stone wedding ring, should be selected VS2 clarity level above the diamond.

>3.cut the cut is the only 4C standard can be manipulated by the people, so it determines the importance of its diamonds. Cut the good or bad will directly determine the quality of the diamond is good or bad, only the most advanced cutting, the optimal cutting ratio in order to make the diamond after cutting up the most beautiful. Cut level is divided into Excellent or Ideal / Ideal Cut, Very Good / Very Good Cut, Good / Good Cut, Fair / General Cut, Poor / Cut Cut. Cut the diamond quality, so at this point can not save money, the minimum standard is VG level can only.

The identification of diamonds true and false have the following methods: 1, if the table on the diamond with a pen to draw a line, then into a straight line, and other stones were intermittent point line, because the diamond has a lipophilic nature. 2, in the distinction between diamonds and other imitation gemstones, the mouth can be "Kazakhstan" breath, the formation of diamond surface steam, diamond has a very hot, steam will disappear in one second, while other stones will take a long time , The general use of diamond jewelry pen is in accordance with the principle of thermal conductivity manufacturing