How to Use Magnifier in Promoting Fashion Watches

- May 22, 2019-

Watch parts are very small, some parts are quite fine, so it is not easy to see whether they are good or not in place in the process of production, assembly and repair. At this time, special equipment magnifiers are needed to see clearly. Shenzhen Promotional Fashion Watch Factory specializes in explaining how to use magnifiers in the production of watches and how to use magnifiers for the eyes: to make small parts. Accurate disassembly and assembly, timely inspection of slight deformation or fine dust. You need to use magnifying glass skillfully. The difficulty caused by the minuteness of the parts can be solved by fixing the mirror firmly on the eyes and making the vision clear. Put the edge of one end of the trumpet to the eyesight (eyeball slightly below), pull the lower face down with the rim of the mirror, and open the eyelashes upward. If beginners are not easy to open, just move their eyes to the top, it is easier to open. At this time, to maintain the original position below the mirror edge, if the position changes, it should be re-carried out. Cover the upper edge of the mirror to the eyelashes. As long as the eyes are naturally constricted, the mirror can be clamped. If the force is too strong, it will come out instead. After wearing the mirror stably, the distance between the object and the mirror needs to be adjusted about 4-7 cm. Because of different eyesight, the distance is also different. Mobilizing the distance between the object and the mirror is based on the clearest time. If you are far away, your vision will be blurred and you can't wear it for long. The arrangement and selection of magnifiers: In order to improve work efficiency, reduce the action of removing the mirror and looking for other tools. The ventilation holes of the frame need to be enlarged. It is advisable to look out of the hole and see what is on the worktable when you wear it. If the visual acuity is between 1.0 and 1.5, it is advisable to use a triple magnifying glass. If you have weak vision, you can choose a larger multiple. Do not touch your fingers when you use them. If there is dust and water mist, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Do not blow with mouth, avoid water mist, ensure cleanliness.