How to use chronograph watches

- Sep 25, 2017-

chronograph watches, a timekeeping function of the watch, is the function of the stopwatch into the watch. The chrono in the old English and Latin is the "time" means, and graph in English that "record tool", it can be free to record any length of time.

Chronographs are generally recorded seconds and minutes of the function, and now most of the chronograph has three small dial, two buttons. Different brands and models style small dial and button position, shape is also different, but the main element is not changed.

Small dial are: minutes chronograph, hour chronograph, small seconds dial.

Two buttons are: timer start / stop, clock reset to zero. Exceptional accuracy of quartz watch.

Chronograph classification:

Standard Stopwatch: This watch has two or three small pinholes and a standard double button (the button above starts and stops the time, and the following button puts the pointer to zero).

Single button: only one button, sometimes combined with the crown, sometimes it is separate. This button starts, stops and restarts the timer device.

Flyback: restarts the timing at any time during the chronograph. It is one of the most useful stopwatch functions, but the production is more difficult.

Two seconds needles: here are two time stamps that can be used separately, while recording the time taken for two things.

Complex type: there are tourbillon, calendar and advanced precision functions such as a variety of chronograph.

How to use chronograph How about timing?

step 1: press the timer button, start the timer, the big second hand began to move around, the second hand to go around, minutes chase a grid; minutes chase a circle, hours chase a grid, and so on.

Step 2: When the timer button is pressed again, the timer stops, and the scale indicated by the large second hand and the time dial is the time reading.

Step 3: After the completion of the timer, press the reset button to zero, chronograph zero.

Please notice that the maximum number of minutes of the chronograph dial is 30, which can record 30 minutes of time; the hourly dial is the largest number of 12, and can record 12 hours of hourkeeping. Chronograph of the second hand is used for timing, do not start when the timing function, the second hand is stopped at 12 o'clock position still.