How to test the movement

- Oct 10, 2017-

Testing movement only tests the bare metal, although the manufacturer has the ability to add some of the complex functions they like to the movement. As all the movement is to use the human hand on the chain test, had to remove the automatic movement of the swing Tuo, because the movement in the rotation of the crown will be high-speed gear on the chain mechanism damage. Most of the machines that pass the test will become automatic tables. Each movement is fitted with a cosc standard face plate, a second hand (second hand or small second hand) and an upper crown. An electronic camera records the position of the second hand every 24 hours (accurate to 1/10 sec.) And compares it with a reference atomic clock that is accurate to milliseconds. The camera will shoot twice to verify that the movement is running. The core will be rewound to the appropriate position and placed at the appropriate temperature into the next 24-hour cycle. This process will continue to execute 16 cycles. In the first 11 cycles, the movement in the 23 degrees Celsius temperature of the five directions each at least 48 hours of testing. The instrument readings indicate the accuracy and accuracy of the movement. Similar to shooting, the accuracy shows how far from the target, the accuracy is related to whether the shooting off the target part. Thus, a table is 15 seconds a day that may not be an accurate table, but if it is fast (or slow) the same time every day, then it is extremely accurate. High accuracy of the table is easy to adjust the accuracy, but if the low accuracy indicates that the movement there are some problems, such as power output is not balanced, it may be wheeled defects. By analyzing the frequency differences between the different orientations, cosc can diagnose poor balance wheels, excessive lubricating oil, or side surfaces and roundness of the balance shafts that need to be re-observed. Rolex has a special machine used to test the large number of movement, just like the bullet into the magazine. This machine will choose the movement, read the scale, the chain and can put it back to the "magazine." Unqualified movement will be put into another container.