how to store the watches

- Oct 18, 2017-

Long-term storage does not wear a watch, should be wound once a month on a regular basis, automatic movement of the watch should be gently swinging back and forth a few minutes or worn on the wrist for some time so that it automatically on a wound, so that part will not be long at rest state, in order to ensure the functioning of the performance table machine.

Pointer quartz watch should be pulled to the handle of the handle, the second hand in the stop state. Remove the battery to prevent the battery run out, leakage of corrosion movement, and the formation of white powder stuck teeth.

Storage advised to watch dust, wipe away sweat with a fine flannel. Watches should be avoided 24 hours are worn on the body, because the body from time to time metabolism, easy to accumulate dust in the case strap, the formation of gold-plated fading, corrosion of stainless steel or belt hardening stink.

Watches every one or two years to do the best maintenance, in order to extend its service life, maintenance items include: inspection, washing oil, oil and measurement.

Collection of watches to prevent the use of camphor balls, insect repellent, etc., because of its chemical substances continue to issue, decomposition of the watch oil.

Pay attention to your watch waterproof, advocate less close to the water vapor, the collection should be set to dry and no moisture